Week 38 – Miss K – Fujicolor 200

So here we go. Week 50(51?) (officially). This year has been a trip. Based on my notifications this should be the last roll for the project here for 2015. Removing the mystery roll post from a few weeks ago, and that one time I scanned my gameboy. This makes up all of the entries for this year. Next week I'll be doing a roundup of some of my favorite images, just in case you haven't been following the whole time.

"Miss K" and I have been friends since very shortly since I moved to Atlanta back in 2010. She has always been a bit of an enigma (and likes to keep it that way). However it was decided that she and I HAD to work together before the project ended. Fitting that she would be the last. 

We had a lot of fun shooting this during a very late night at my studio. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

Development Notes:
Unicolor C41 Kit
Standard Processing
Slight Editing in Lightroom Post Scan

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