Week 2 – Pack Faster Film – Kodak Max 800 (Expired)

So far so good. I am on schedule to make things happen this year. It's becoming harder than I expected already, not because of shooting and processing a roll a week, but more because I am trying to only shoot a single roll a week. 

The following images were taken on New Year's Eve/Day using a roll of film that was given to me sometime within the last year or so. It hasn't and hadn't been kept in a temperature controlled environment so I had no idea how the images would come out. My only worry shooting it was thinking that I should have experimented with pushing it to 1600 iso. The only image I thought was properly exposed was of a lit up cigarette machine.

This was also my first attempt at home developing C41 film using this kit.

I read and watched everything I could to hopefully get everything right. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I have processed film before (See Week 1) using a Caffenol process, and in a darkroom during college, but this was my first time using a pre-made system that was very temperature specific. 

UNICOLOR C-41 Powder kit:
Factory instructions/Dilution

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