Week 1 – The Great Dust Bowl – Ilford Delta 100

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to the first official roll from the year of film project!

Ever want to know the fastest way to see how clean your apartment isn't? I would be willing to say it involves developing a roll of film after a day at work, and with no prior preparation. Then throw in a white fluffy cat who has more fur than I know what to do with (just for good measure). 

I am going to need to figure out a cleaner option for future development cycles. Or basically what I mean is that I have a week to figure this all out. I think I'll need to invest in a lot of canned air. Although Photoshop's automatic dust removal tool is pretty good at doing about 80% of the work in exchange for a little sharpness. I'm going to try and retouch some of these for the sake of the project, hell I may even try to re-scan them. But a fair warning these started out very dusty and covered in a bunch of junk.

Also this roll is also kinda a cheat roll. Since my chemicals haven't been delivered yet I needed a quick way to get something together. I also didn't want to have a roll of unprocessed C41 film just lying around for another week, and its far too early to break out the instant film yet. 

"I'm a fluffy cat, my fur gets on everything...especially negatives". I'm leaving this one specifically to shame both the cat and myself. 

(Not my cat)

Just a heads up, the next two images are NSFW.

I kinda liked this one with the dust.

Development Notes:

Caffenol Developer:
250ml Distilled Water
2.5 tsp Instant Coffee
2 tsp Vitamin C
2 tsp Washing Soda

18 Minute Developing Time @ 70 Degrees F

Standard Fixer 3:1 Dilution 

Negatives were a touch underdeveloped. But my scanner was able to get most of them scanned no problems. I would probably increase my developing time to 20 minutes to insure that everything was solid on the negative. 


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