Back in Atlanta:

For those of you who didn't know, I've been out of town the last few days shooting a wedding for some very close friends of mine. 

Having never been to New Orleans before I was excited to see a new place, as well as document the joining of two very great people.  

I'm still working on most of the photos from the wedding itself, however enjoy some instagrams from my travels. 

A goofy looking Ice Machine. I still kinda regret not finding him another googly eye. 

One of many interesting shops that I saw and visited. 

Not just shops, but the street art and tags also drew me in. Not pictured is "Achoo" "Meow" and "Goon".  

And somehow I packed it all into just these two bags. 

I hope to have some new updates coming soon, and add a few images to my weddings album. Feel free to comment, as well as contact me for openings for your big day! 

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