Top 5ish Photos of 2017 – A Year in Review.

by Blake Griffin

This was a year of many firsts. First trip out of the country, first book cover, first album cover, first fan art, and even first sighting of my photos in "The wild". 

I worked with a TON of new people this year, and each though a connection made from past clients. I've become a name on a great number of tongues this year, and I hope to keep growing. If I had a dollar for every time I said: "But I'm not a _______ photographer" while shooting a particular subject matter this year, I'd be a rich man. 

When the numbers all add up, I averaged a shoot every 8.4 days this year, on top of working a full time day gig. So needless to say, I'm a little bit tired. But to be honest I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

The Netherlands

My year may have started in the US, but my first First of the year comes from my trip abroad. I may have been sent for work, but that didn't stop me from taking the time to give myself a self-guided tour of my accomidations. 


Talon's Grasp
(Book Cover)

This wasn't just a year of firsts for me. A close friend Zak had his first book published this year. 
He asked me to shoot photos for what would end up being the cover of this book. Zak also allowed me to test out some new equipment (for me anyway) the results of which became his Author photo seen below. 

The photo below was an outtake that didn't end up making the cover, but I still liked it anyway. Talon (Lex) went above and beyond to bring the titular character to life.

Be sure to show some love to Lex and Zak by picking up your own copy of the book on Amazon.

(An Album Cover)

Regular client and friend Hada Pixie, as well as her partner TG Mondalf invited me to take part in a special event as well. TG being a big fan of my work wanted partner up and shoot a full album's worth of images, a few of which appear below: 

You can pick up your own copy directly from Latex Records

It was through this shoot that I also met with Sakura Stars, a model I hope to do some more with in the near future. A photo of her appears in the bonus section at the end of the blog.

First "Fan Art"
"...but I'm not a Cosplay photographer..."

I'm consistently astounded by Evin from Apologue Media and am so happy to have been introduced to him and his work. Last year I met for the first time a group that would become regular clients in 2017. Solar Phoenix (as she is now known) shot multiple sets ranging from television, to anime, and even branching in the realm of video games. 

Even though I had no idea what the source material was about, it was her Hotline Miami costume that really made an impression on me this year. 

In the Wild

Through various cosplay shoots this year I was brought to the attention of a couple of groups in the Atlanta Burlesque/Nerdlesque community, and have been introduced to many wonderful people with whom I now consider both friends and clients (and even more that are on the docket to create something magical in the years to come). 

The photo below was snapped at the opening show for The FanDOM, Under The Cowl, which I also shot some of the marketing materials for. 

Kali Fornication, Benjamin Unbutton, and Désiré Èvoquer are just a few of the lovely foks from The FanDOM that I have become close with. Please keep your eyes peeled for more exciting work coming from these guys in the upcoming months. 

As a bonus, I'd also like to share some of my favorite images from a Game of Thrones burlesque show that I was invited to work on (and subsequently got me noticed by what would become FanDOM). 

The Game of Thrones: Winter is Stunning event was one that shouldn't have been missed (and if you missed it, that was clearly your fault because I talked about it a lot). 

Shown are just a few selects from my time in Westeros. Solar Wolf, Solar Phoenix, Risky Sour, and Roux La La are shown here in their wonderful costumes, with Désiré Èvoquer appearing above as Joffrey. 

Bonus Photos
(Because I quickly learned my "Top 5 photos of the year" post ended up with 30+ images in it)

A giant thank you as always to everyone who I shot with this year, I tried to make sure I grabbed a couple of photos from every shoot (and if I missed you it wasn't on purpose). And other great thanks to all of you out there whom I interact with on Social Media and in real life. I love your feedback and interactions. Thanks for reading all of the blog posts, and commenting on your favorite images. 

See you all in 2018.

Seven Black and White Polaroids (and a few Color too)

by Blake Griffin

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have seen some variant of the "Challenge your friends to post 7 Black and White photos" post floating around. 

Usually, I take it upon myself to do one of these independently, but this year I was tagged by two friends to complete a week of Black and White photos. This year, however, I had a box of the new Polaroid Originals B&W film for my SX-70 to play with.

This post is a collection of the photos I posted throughout the week of November 12-November 18, 2017.

Along with the B&W film, I also had a pack of the color option as well. I find the color SX-70 film to be much harder to work with (but this current formulation seems to render color a little better than it did in the past). 

Kali Fornication - 2017.

by Blake Griffin

Much like the previous entry, this is my first time working with Kali un-costumed. 

I really can't say enough how much fun of a person this girl is. She is always game to try something new, and loves to jump at the chance to get some work done wherever possible.

And it doesn't hurt that she likes how I make her backside (and the rest of her) look in the process. 


Makeup, Model, Styling: Kali Fornication

Désiré Èvoquer - 2017.

by Blake Griffin

I'm fairly certain this is the first time I've shot with Désiré where she isn't wearing some sort of costume, and that's not a bad thing by any means.

She is a strong and powerful performer, costumer, and all around badass and when she came to me looking for something new for her portfolio I was happy to oblige. 

I'm so glad she gave me the chance to get back to my photographic roots and shoot something a little more risque. 

Makeup, Model, and Styling: Désiré Èvoquer

Jessica and Thomas - 2017.

by Blake Griffin

I'm fairly certain I met Jessica and Thomas when we shared a room at DragonCon a few years ago, but for all I know (and I even asked) we could have met before. 

Sometime later Jessica became a huge supporter of me and my photographic career. We always talked about shooting, but things never seemed to line up. 

When Thomas asked for Jessica's hand in marriage at this year's Con, the decision was made that it was in fact time for us all to work together. 

And because you can't get a bunch of nerds together without having a moment of "we should dress like Mortal Kombat characters and run around a park". It was decided that some additional fun had to be had. 

Congratulations to you two, here is to many loving years together.

Oh, and Thomas. FINISH HER...or something. 

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