The Artist's Way - Week 9

Day 56:

Shit. I think I skipped my morning page today by accident. I didn’t even think about it until right now when I was typing up my blog for this week.

The time change was good in that I got some extra sleep (even better when combined with the exhaustion from last week). But it seems to have thrown me off in other places.

I ended up meeting with a friend tonight after completing my other errands and played some board games. I need to make sure I get home with enough time to do my readings and other pre-prep for the week.

This week may be a little lacking on content since I think the only real exercises involve going over my previous morning pages and combing them for insights. Maybe I’ll share some of the findings that come up.

Counting this week there are only 3 more weeks to go before I have “finished” the program for the first time.

On the plus side I think I booked an engagement shoot today. Still need to get the contract finalized and signed, but that puts some much needed work on my calendar before the end of the year.

Week 9 Goals:

Morning Pages x7
Artist Date x1
Complete as many additional tasks as possible.

Day 59:

I bought the damn iPad Pro.


  1. Read your morning pages! Do not judge the pages or yourself.

    1. Take Stock: What have you been constantly complaining about? What have you procrastinated on? What blessedly have you allowed yourself to change or accept?

    2. Take Heart: Don’t be thrown by black and white thinking.

    3. Acknowledge: Give yourself credit for undertaking them. Give them credit for the changes and growth they have fostered.

  2. Visualizing: Fully imagine having your goal accomplished. Spend enough time filling in the juicy details that would really make the experience wonderful for you.

    1. Name your goal: I am __________

    2. In the present tense describe yourself doing it at the height of your powers! This is your ideal scene.

    3. Read this aloud to yourself.

    4. Post this above your work area.

    5. Read this aloud, daily!

  3. Priorities: List for yourself your creative goals for the year [2019]. List for yourself your creative goals for the month. List for yourself your creative goals for the week.

  4. Creative U-Turns:

    1. Name one of your creative U-turns.

    2. Name three more.

    3. Name the one that just kills you.

    4. Forgive yourself. Devise a list of personal affirmations to help you do better in the future.

    5. Choose one creative U-turn. Retrieve it. Mend it.

    6. What creative dreams are lurching toward possibility? Admit that they frighten you.

Day 63:

Blake’s Note: Honestly, I didn’t get anything done for TAW this week. Between the new iPad launch (and my subsequent article being written and picked up), work, and Erin and Preston’s wedding I have been too busy to think of anything TAW related. I think this is the first week I have completely “Failed” all of my tasks for the week.

However I do consider it a success in many ways. I was able to creatively stretch my wings and do some writing that is making its way across the internet. And I was able to shoot and deliver some fantastic wedding photos for a wonderful couple. All while managing my regular responsibilities at my day job.


How many days this week did you do your morning pages? Regarding your U-Turns, have you allowed yourself a shift toward compassion, at least on the page? I completed most of my morning pages, except for this morning and last Sunday (Side note, I never know whether to count Sunday as the first or last day of my TAW Week). I think I have noticed a shift in my writings, and I’ve certainly noticed a shift in my overall mood for the most part. I still don’t give myself enough time for myself. But that is something that can still be worked on.

Did you do your artist date this week? Have you kept the emphasis on fun? What did you do? How did it feel? I didn’t really get a chance for a date this week, unless you count the time spent helping set up for Erin and Preston’s wedding, and then the subsequent shooting of it. Honestly this was the most fun wedding I have ever attended or worked. Everything went off mostly without a hitch, and I was able to get some great images in the process.

Did you experience any synchronicity this week? What was it? In a way I kinda did. I consulted an online tarot card reading site I have used for years as to whether or not I should spend the money on the new iPad. The draw I received told me of two things: 1) New career changes are coming and 2) Don’t waste your money. Both of these are funny to me considering I bought the iPad, decided it wasn’t what I wanted, wrote a review of it, and that review was chosen to be reposted on two photography blogs.

Big things are coming I guess.

Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant to your recovery? Describe them. Being noticed as an artist (even if it’s for writing about technology and not photography) felt really good. I hope that I can continue creating content that people are interested in and maybe that will lead me closer to my end goals.

Also it was great to be looked up to at the wedding for the hard work I was putting in. The compliments I am hearing about my technique and the quality of the final images makes me feel wonderful as an artist. Several people came up asking if I was doing this full time, and a friend even made a suggestion that I should band together with some of my other friends/colleagues to offer a one stop wedding package service. As much as I am not a fan of working weddings, I wouldn’t be opposed if I had the support of a good team (and the money was right).

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