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The Fandom Nerdlesque: Infinitease Promo Photos - 2019

The time is finally here! For anyone who has been following me on Social Media the last few weeks you have probably heard me teasing these series of images. For you and those who may not have known alike you are all in for a treat.

I was contacted by my friends over at The Fandom Nerdlesque (who if you don’t know are an Atlanta based collective of nerd-themed burlesque performers from all across the country) asking if I wanted to be a part of the marketing push for their upcoming Marvel Themed Show (being performed at the time of this blog post on Friday and Saturday THIS WEEK..HINT HINT…TICKET LINK AT THE END OF THE POST…HINT HINT).

After some very brief talk of concept, we decided that the end goal was to emulate the famous Marvel MCU posters that have been coming out regularly. It wasn’t until we were on set going through photos that I thought about using some various forms of compositing to create artificial backdrops for each character.

Jet Spiegl - Matt “Daredevil” Murdock


Final poster design by Evin from Apologue Media. He did a FANTASTIC job of throwing everything together into an amazing final product. Be sure to throw him some love as well!


Additional poster design by Kali Fornication (You can see her link above under her Thanos photo).

Get your tickets here!

For a peek behind the curtain as to how the sausage was actually made, keep reading below.

I’ve done some experimenting with various forms of compositing over the last few years. For more of an expert’s view I would make sure to check out the work of Renee Robyn or Clinton Lofthouse. Anything I have learned was very much learned by watching both of these amazing artists at work.

The first part of the recipe was making sure that the subject of the photo was lit properly. In the case of these Marvel photos I needed 4 lights. A Key in a 3’ Octabox, a fill in the form of a 12” beauty dish, and two 3x5 softboxes as rear kickers.


That setup lent itself to a photo like the below.

by using content aware fill you get one of the following photos below.
One worked better than another:

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.19.28 PM.png
Spoiler alert, it was this one that worked much better.

Spoiler alert, it was this one that worked much better.

Afterwards I roughly followed this tutorial from DIY Photography to mask the image

Click the photo above to read an in depth article that I assure you is WAY less scary that it looks.

Click the photo above to read an in depth article that I assure you is WAY less scary that it looks.

After masking its then just a matter of sourcing an appropriate background, and then adding any needed tweaks to it to fit the image at hand, and then several hours of refinements…the process of which I don’t have photos of because I didn’t think to take them.

If you would like to see a more in-depth step by step, let me know. I’d be happy to work something together!

ARTETAK Presents: Science Fiction Art Show (+Kali Fornication - 2018).

So this is another project I've been working on and keeping under wraps (ha...this will make sense very soon) for a little while now. Around the same time I got the invite for the Occult Art Show at the end of June, I was made aware that there would be another show in July with a Sci-Fi theme.

After chatting with Artetak for a bit, and realizing that there aren't many photographic entries submitting to her shows, I, of course, made the decision to make something happen. 

I went through a couple of different ideas and concepts (I mean, when DON'T I think of seven different outcomes to the same problem?) and eventually settled on one playing with the idea of how "Technology" is really doing more to harm us than help. 


So I put out a casting call to some of my friends, and ended up getting an almost immediate yes from the great Kali Fornication

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 5.35.41 PM.png

Once that part was settled, it was on to making the final preparations. With other thanks to my roommate and his box of random cables that were to be sent off for recycling, and a lot of help assistance from Evin (of Apologue Media) and my kink expert Silver we were off to the races. 


The pieces we ended up shooting required a lot more post production than I usually put into my pieces, but I think the end result was still pretty neat. 

Straight out of camera, we ended up with a series of images like these:

And after a few hours in the editing phase (and many test prints to make sure things read just the way I wanted them too) we ended up with the following:

The last of which will be displayed in print (and be available for purchase) at Battle & Brew in Atlanta from Tonight - July 24th through the end of August (or so).

For those reading this blog post in the Atlanta area, be sure to drop by for the opening night!


Battle & Brew
5920 Roswell Rd, Ste A-120
Sandy Springs, Georgia

Thanks again to everyone who helped me get this project completed, and as always stay tuned for more updates coming semi-regularly right here. 

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