The Artist's Way - Week 2

Week one seemed to go easier than I expected it to, and I really hope that the next weeks get a little harder to complete. Having heard of some experiences from other people working the program I know that it will become tougher. A week from today (when this post will actually go live) I will be on my way to Germany for work. I’m very curious to see how much I can get accomplished while being in a new place and while being focused on working.

Week 2 Goals:

1) Morning Pages x7
2) Artist’s Date x1
3) Complete as many of the additional exercises as possible.

Day 7:
Met with Nikki for our first check in. I think we are both on the right track for making things happen. I got a chance to prep my notebook for the week to come, and it certainly feels like this week has a lot more exercises than last week did. So many so that I didn’t want to freehand out all the pages so I can have more room for Morning Pages. Next time I go through this I really will be printing out the PDF pages I think.

I noticed that last week I actually have written more than I have in a good while. Including the two blog posts that came out. Hopefully I can keep that trend going as I have been stuck on a couple of long form posts recently.

Exercise - Life Pie:

Draw a circle. Divide it into six pieces of pie. Label one piece Spirituality, another Excercise, another Play and so on with Work, Friends, and Romance/Adventure. Place a dot in each slice at the degree to which you are fulfilled in that area. (outer rim indicates great; inner circle, not so great). Connect the dots. This will show were you are lopsided.
— Julia Cameron "The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity"
My life pie. High in friendship, medium in work and play, but pretty low in everything else (Spirituality, Exercise, and almost 0 Romance/Adventure.

My life pie. High in friendship, medium in work and play, but pretty low in everything else (Spirituality, Exercise, and almost 0 Romance/Adventure.

Day 9:

Ten Small Changes:

List ten changes you’d like to make for yourself […] Do it this way:
I would like to ____________
I would like to ____________
As the morning pages nudge us increasingly into the present, where we pay attention to our current lives, a small shift […] can yield a luxuriously large sense of self care
— Julia Cameron - "The Artist's Way"
  • I would like to Lose 20 lbs

  • I would like to Quit smoking for good.

  • I would like to Clean and Re-arrange my bedroom.

  • I would like to Deep clean my living areas.

  • I would like to Get rid of excess junk

  • I would like to Live a more minimalist life

  • I would like to get a new set of bed linens

  • I would like to Shoot with new people

  • I would like to Travel more

  • I would like to Spend more time with my friends.

Select one small item and make it a goal for this week. Now do that item
— Julia Cameron - "The Artist's Way"

I’m traveling all next week, and have a weekly meeting with a friend to go over our progress. Can that count?

Day 10:
I bought tickets to a super fancy museum exhibit for a (now) sold out show. The tickets aren’t good until February which will be well past this 12 week project. But I’m going to go anyway and try to enjoy it.

Day 12:
I’m not feeling very optimistic over the last few days. Still cranking through with the exercises. I forgot to read my basic principals today. Not sure how badly that “hurt” me this week.

I’ve got the creative urge to shoot something, and I have a bad case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome - or the feeling that buying X piece of equipment is what will take me to the next level).

List 20 things you enjoy doing [...]. When was the last time you let yourself do these things? Next to each entry place a date. Don’t be surprised if it’s been years for some of your favorites.
— Julia Cameron - "The Artist's Way"

I’m not going to share my entire list of 20, but I’ll share a few.

  • Visit and enjoy a Natural Hot Spring - 2010

  • Go Camping - 2006 (?)

  • Play Laser Tag - 2017

  • Plan and Execute a photo shoot - August

  • Cook for Friends - 2014

  • Visit a Cat Cafe - 2017

  • Go on a Romantic Date - 2013 (?)

[...] From the list above write down two favorite things that you’ve avoided that could be this week’s goals. [...] Remember we are trying to win you some autonomy with your time. Look for windows of time just for you, and use them in small creative acts.
— Julia Cameron - "The Artist's Way"

Touché Julia…touché.

Day 13:
I. Paid. To. Pet. Cats. :3

This cat’s name was Einstein and he was so fluffy and soft.

This cat’s name was Einstein and he was so fluffy and soft.

Week 2 Check In:

  1. How many days this week did you do your Morning Pages? How was the experience for you? Did they work for you? Describe them […] Remember if you are writing the morning pages they are working for you.

    7. I completed all 7 days. I’m not sure if I’m doing things the correct way, and I’m not sure they are helping all that much. But I’m still going to keep going and see what I can learn about myself.

  2. Did you do your Artist Date this week? What did you do? How did it feel?

    Yes - I decided to take myself to the cat cafe. I met a fluffy and soft little dude and spent the better part of an hour bothering him. I miss cats, I miss having one around to play with and spend time with. But due to my current living situation it’s not exactly possible. One day soon I hope to be in a position where I can have another furry friend to hang out with, but until then I have to just cat vicariously through friends.

  3. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? Describe them.

    I think getting over (at least temporarily) GAS and not spending any money on new equipment I really don’t need was a significant victory. Not sure for how long it will be, because I really want some new lighting equipment. Only time will tell.

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