Cologne (Köln) Germany - 2018.

May I be a douche and quote myself?

There are already so many photos of pretty things. So sometimes I like to take photos of ugly things.
— Griffin, Blake (UNEXPhotography). 27 Sep 2018, 17:12 UTC. Tweet

I even did a (mostly) accurate MLA formatting quote job for you there. But in all seriousness, I found myself in Germany for Photokina this year following my trend of documenting European graffiti and street art.

I really only had one day to walk around, so the majority of these were from a single session, however I do feel like I got a couple of winners. I’ll be running some prints of these for myself soon because the web just do not do them justice at all. There are so many great textures that just are missed when not looking at everything full sized.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at these as much as I enjoyed taking them. Until next time Köln, Danke!

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