Seven Black and White Polaroids (and a few Color too)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have seen some variant of the "Challenge your friends to post 7 Black and White photos" post floating around. 

Usually, I take it upon myself to do one of these independently, but this year I was tagged by two friends to complete a week of Black and White photos. This year, however, I had a box of the new Polaroid Originals B&W film for my SX-70 to play with.

This post is a collection of the photos I posted throughout the week of November 12-November 18, 2017.

Along with the B&W film, I also had a pack of the color option as well. I find the color SX-70 film to be much harder to work with (but this current formulation seems to render color a little better than it did in the past). 

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