October 19th Update (Hello Tumblr!):

Hello UNEX Fans and friends,

I am trying to expand my reach a bit on the internet. You may have noticed that I am currently posting from Tumblr instead of the usual Facebook. I’m going to try this for a bit to see if it works out any better than using Facebook on its own.

I intend to use this page, not only for the usual updates you know and love. But as a point where I can post a few pictures (and possibly some outtakes and additional images from sets) that are not governed by Facebook. So basically, this page may contain nudity and other things not suitable for those who are opposed to such things. If it bothers any of you, let me know…and I will see what I can do to remedy it. (Edit: 10/19/2012 See blog titled “What did I get myself into for more information as to how this will be used. -B)

Also, as I am trying to figure out this whole “professional” blog thing, I ask you all to bear with me if I am spamming your respective news feeds. I am trying to get it all worked out so that does not happen.

In other news: I should be working with Necrosis Synthesis again this weekend (as long as everything goes according to plans). Also there is still the issue (no pun intended) of the Fall 2012 edition of Glam Rock Magazine up in the air right now (I’m looking at you Shadow). Stay tuned. 

Also be sure to continue to like and vote for my work with Scarlett Quinn on Zivity

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