Tru Facade - 2018.

From her Bio:
Tru Facade is new to the Atlanta burlesque scene and one of the newest members of the CandyBox Revue! Holding a Bachelor’s as a theatre technician, Tru has been working backstage for almost 10 years, helping create the magic of the stage. Finally stepping into the limelight, she’s ready to show off her skills as an entertainer and turn the masses heads. She's a little sweetie with some spice behind her smile, she is Tru Facade.

Tru approached me for a shoot after being recommended by regular clients Désiré and Kali (I found out as well that there is an entire troupe that has also been speaking very highly of me even though I have never worked with them...more on that to come maybe?). Her unique mix of Masculine and Feminine personas are not to be missed. 

For being her first official photographic experience, I was happy to be able to make things easy and comfortable for what will be her first of many shooting experiences.


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