Latex Records - Fetish Volume 1 Compilation - Album Art.

I've been having to sit on these for a while, but I am happy to announce that I can share the final cover image and a few of the images themselves from the Latex Records Fetish Volume 1 Compilation. 

Back in April TG Mondalf   Owner/Creator of Latex Records reached out to me with a concept for a series of images for what would become the Fetish compilation. Inspired by "various black and white erotic photography [TG] was exposed to in [His] early 20's", the cover of the Soft Cell album "Non stop erotic cabaret", and the Lords of Acid Lust album cover.  

Pick up your copy today by visiting Latex Records on Bandcamp. Physical copies available today for $15

Image provided by Latex Records.

Image provided by Latex Records.

NSFW Images below this text:

See the rest of the images for yourself by purchasing your copy today.

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