Snog + The Labrynth: The Compliance Tour (Finite Automata and Ecto Proxy) – 04/20/2016

I don't fancy myself a band photographer. But sometimes when the shoe fits, you just have to wear the hell out of it. I was invited by Dom of Finite Automata to photograph their show with Snog and The Labyrynth for their Compliance Tour 2016. 

Recently I had the chance to add one of my "legendary" lenses to my collection, a Minolta 70-210 f4 (The Beercan). I was itching to try it out, and especially in a lower light environment. Overall I found it to be a little hard to work with at times, but I was extremely happy with what I was able to capture. I'm really happy that this lens fell into my lap, and I can't wait to use it in a more controlled environment.

The first opening act was previously featured in ReGen magazine, Ecto Proxy. Since shooting them a few months ago I have been in close contact planning a shoot for their press kit (Spoiler alert, coming soon). 

Next came a group of guys who also are no stranger to this blog, Finite Automata themselves. You may recognize a new guitarist from the last time we worked together. Damien from Ecto Proxy has stepped up and joined another project (So it's time to update their press kit photos as well). 

Next up was The Labrynth:

And finally Snog!

At the end of the night, I was pretty happy with the images I was able to capture. And as always big thanks to everyone for inviting me out to snap a few shots. Keep your eyes open, and ears to the ground for some new photos coming soon from both Finite Automata and Ecto Proxy. 

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