Week 29 – Only I Could Underexpose a Roll of 3200iso – Ilford Delta 3200

Just trust the meter on the app on your phone, what could possibly go wrong. Famous last words if I ever said them myself. I'm not exactly mad at the results, but I'm not exactly what one would call "happy". 

According to everything I had in front of me, I was able to shoot comfortably at 1/60th of a second while being a little less than wide open. So in theory I should have had much better exposed images. But sometimes these things happen. Maybe there is something a little more that I need to learn about 3200 iso films.  

Looking back at these images (because I totally forgot to write copy for them when I put them in the queue to be posted last month) my only other wish was that I took more time to focus properly. Especially in these low light conditions.

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