Top 5 Images of 2013 (also a brief year in review):

Hello UNEX Friends and Followers,

I'd like to take a second and thank you all once again for your support over the last year. It may not have gone completely to plan, however looking back I still consider it a success due in part to all of you.

2013 Marks the first year passing of the UNEX website, the UNEX Blogs, and even the UNEX Twitter

During that time I averaged about 268 visitors per month. Which granted wasn't as high as it could have been. But for a one man operation with a "day job" I think this is pretty good. 

The following are MY top 5 (with a few honorable mentions) images from 2013. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions as well! In order of date taken, here goes:

I'm glad to have had a chance to work with Shadow from Soiled Dove Designs before she left Atlanta for the City of Angels. I hope some day to be able to work with her again. This shoot was really fun, and I think the outtakes of all the funny faces were the best part of the whole day.

It wouldn't be a blog post without something from Scarlett Quinn/Titan_Moonchild (depending on where you are looking at her). On this freezing January afternoon we ended up on the roof of a fancy hotel in Downtown Atlanta and she decided she wanted to do a cartwheel for all to see. We had just finished shooting her debut Suicide Girls set Cabernet, and wanted a little something extra from the evening. 

Jonathan approached me in February regarding getting some new headshots taken for a dating profile. He was getting back into the swing of things and I am happy to say that sorry ladies, he has found one for himself. This set actually marked one of the few sets I was completely editing on my iPad and taught me a few things about using a touch screen to edit. 

Flash forward to July. After winning the Kink Patrol Photo contest in 2012 I was offered the chance to have my first solo gallery event at the Kink Patrol event that month. Since I won last year with the lovely Nicolette, I decided once again that we should join forces and create a new iconic image. Thanks again to everyone that came out and showed their support!

And finally for what will probably end up being my final shoot(s) of the year was Hada Pixie. After seeing some of my work with SQ on Zivity she decided to take the leap with me and shoot not one, but THREE sets that day. More if you consider some of the bonuses we did. Now seeing as how most of those images are NSFW I selected this one instead from our David Lynch inspired Twin Peaks set. However feel free to check her out on Zivity and see our work together. 

Honorable Mentions:

I posted a lot about it, but didn't really post any images from the event. My good friends Bobby (you would know him better as DJ Ghost) and Maggie invited me to shoot their rather untraditional wedding ceremony. I didn't feel comfortable posting some images from their very special day, but I did love this image of the two of them at their reception. 

In a first for me. I have shot bands in the past, but never had anyone approached me for not only photos for their website, but to create an album cover as well. You are damn right I took the chance. Above is the final product. Meg and Mike from Earthbound Spirit. Please be sure to go give them a listen and download their album for free from their website.

So that's it. All of 2013 summed up into one post. Heres to another year of working hard for you all. Thanks for the support, and I will see you all bright and early in 2014!


Bonus Honorable Mention:

Even though it just happened a few days ago I'd like to throw in my shout out once again from Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography podcast. Below is the video from youtube.

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