Cosplay Day(s) with Hysteria Machines and Solar Wolf Cosplay

The following photos (and there are a LOT of them) were taken over the course of a three weekend period.

I was invited by the HM crew and many of the members of Solar Wolf Cosplay to document some costumes that will be making their debuts at conventions near you soon!

Persephone Phoenix -  Arno Dorian.
MUA: Quianna Nall
Costume: Solar Wolf Cosplay

Persephone Phoenix - Hotline Miami.
MUA: Quianna Nall
Costume: Solar Wolf Cosplay

This set also spawned what I think is my first piece of "fan art" if you want to call it that. Big thanks to Evin over at Apologue Media for the content appropriate edit!

Maisi Morningstar - Felicity Smoak
MUA: Quianna Nall

Maisi Morningstar - Jace Beleren
MUA: Quianna Nall
Costume: Solar Wolf Cosplay + Alice in Chains Cosplay

Quianna Nall - Maeve Millay
MUA: Quianna Nall
Costume: Quianna Nall

Fritz Krieg - IL Duce
Costume: Fritz Krieg

Désiré Évoquer - Harley Quinn
Makeup and Costume: Désiré Évoquer

Solar Wolf and Sean Luke - Blues Brothers

Persephone Phoenix - Inuyasha
Quianna Nall - Kagome
Makeup: Quianna Nall

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