Arizona Workshop – Day 4

Today's entry will be a little bit shorter than the other ones. Mostly because being outside for 8 hours in the Arizona heat was taxing on my body and most importantly my eyes (the white screen still kinda hurts to look at).

Our day was spent in "Old Tuscon", a western re-enactment town that supposedly was the original location of the city. Our goal today was to shoot as much as we could in 5 stations. I prepped pretty well, doubled up on sun block, took an Alieve to make sure my muscles wouldn't give out, but neglected one important thing. Sunglasses. After the first station I found my eyes to be very watery and hard to focus when looking at bright white items. I had to sit out for about an hour to adjust, and it wasn't until I was given a pair of cheap gift shop sunglasses that I was able to return. 

This, however, caused me both physical and mental pain. I was very frustrated that I couldn't shoot more of the models in a wedding type environment (something I really should consider more of for my portfolio). I was able to return for a location set in an old jailhouse, where I was able to secure most of my favorite shots of the day. But the eye issues and heat exhaustion caused me to get "Shot out" much faster than I typically would.

I've just returned from my nightly hot tub visit, and can mostly see ok without any issues. I'm hoping a good night's sleep can solve everything. Here are my top shots from today:

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